Hillside Villa rents for one-week periods from Saturday to Saturday.


High Season (November 15 through April 15):

  1. -Four bedrooms: $10,750**

  2. -Five bedrooms: $12,850**

Low Season (April 15 through November 15):

  1. -Four bedrooms: $7,500**

  2. -Five bedrooms: $9,000


Note that the rates for villas owned by Round Hill Resort are significantly higher (up to $24,700/week in high season and up to $18,700/week in low season).


*To find out about potential discounts or special rates, contact (310) 415-7439 before booking.

** Guests are expected to tip the staff 10% of the rental rate in high season and 15% in low season (one lump sum and the staff divides it amongst themselves).



Additional Expenses

Food:  If you eat at the house, you can expect to spend about $75 per person per day for groceries, excluding alcohol.  The cook confers with you to prepare a grocery list and then does all the shopping at the local market.  You pay the actual food cost.  Eating at Round Hill will be significantly more expensive.


Resort Activities:  Prices for water sports, spa services, tennis, excursions, and other resort activities booked through Round Hill are set and billed by the resort.


Transportation:  You will not need a car on the Round Hill grounds, as you can catch free shuttle rides to and from the hotel or the Hillside butler can drive you down to the hotel in the house golf cart.

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